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EAGLE School has always relied on the generous support of its community members to provide a deeply influential gifted and talented education for its students. The dedication of our parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends is evident in everything we do and visible everywhere on campus.

Making every effort to keep its tuition affordable for the community it serves, through the active involvement of parents and the generous support from community members and friends, EAGLE continues to offer an excellent education for all the children we serve. The EAGLE community supports the school in so many ways. This commitment allows us to enhance existing programs and realize our mission.

As an independent school, EAGLE receives no government funding. We are a nonprofit organization with a 501(c)3 tax status, which means that contributions received by EAGLE are tax deductible. Tuition dollars cover our basic operating costs. Your donations allow us to do so much more. Every donation helps EAGLE and its students to flourish and provides us with curriculum updates, equipment to enhance learning, and enrichment programs focused on creativity and service.

Financial Aid Endowment Fund

In 2019, the EAGLE School board of directors, with the support of the school’s administration and faculty, identified an area in which EAGLE School could improve over the coming years: specifically, expanding our financial aid program to better serve a more inclusive socio-economic and ethnically diverse student body.

Since its founding, EAGLE School has been committed to providing financial aid to any qualified student who cannot afford full tuition. Historically, we have provided financial aid for 10% – 15% of our families. Each year we have increasing needs and are using fixed resources to meet those needs.

Additionally, to support a successful program, we expect greater expenditures for staffing and support. So while the faculty and staff, along with the board of directors, are developing a long-range inclusion and diversity plan, we will need your financial support to build an endowment and welcome these gifted and talented students who otherwise would not benefit from the EAGLE School curriculum and community.

Business Sponsors & Corporate Partnerships

EAGLE School currently benefits from the generosity and support of corporate sponsors and partners. Find out more about our Business Sponsors and Corporate Partnership programs.

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