EAGLE School is excited to announce our 2022 Summer Camps. In designing the programs, we gave ourselves a curriculum challenge: offer learning and growth opportunities normally not fully implemented during the academic year. Our camps are designed to challenge gifted, talented, and advanced learners, going beyond the standards of a traditional September through June curriculum, to focus on learning activities that will surprise and entertain young students.

Below, you will find all the information you need to register your student(s). If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Summer Camps coordinator, Andrew Irving, monsieur@eagleschool.org.

Week 1, June 13-17
8:30-11:30 & 12:15-3:15
In person programs for students entering 1st through 9th grades

Week 1, June 20-24
Kindergarten Here We Come, 8:30-11:30
Virtual Chess 9:00-12:00


$150 per session (3 hours/day, Monday-Friday)

Refunds: If plans change, you can switch programs (if space permits) or receive a full refund until June 1, 2022. Cancellations will be refunded at a 50% rate from June 1 to June 13. After June 13, no refunds will be available.

Financial Aid: Financial aid may be awarded based on need. Applicants in need of financial aid are invited to contact Jimlene Pleva, Financial Coordinator. Non-EAGLE School families will be asked to provide financial documentation and a letter of recommendation.

Programs at a glance

June 13 – 17

I am (Art)
Nature & Art
Speech & Debate
Dungeons & Dragons (for beginners)
Chemistry Kids
ScArt (Science & Art)
French Fables

June 20 – 24

Kindergarten Here We Come
Virtual Chess

Scroll down for complete program descriptions.


EAGLE Summer Camps are designed for gifted, talented, and academically advanced students.

Students not currently attending EAGLE School are more than welcome!  For these students, please (1) have a current teacher or school official submit this recommendation on behalf of the student.  And in the meantime, (2) please go ahead and register now (space is limited). Once EAGLE School approves admission, we will let you know. If for whatever reason admission is not granted, a full refund will be provided.

Transportation: EAGLE is not able to provide transportation this year.

Before- and After-Camp Supervision: Students can arrive as early as 8:15 am and must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after they are done for the day (either at 11:45 or 3:30). After-camp supervision is not available this year.

Health & Safety Guidelines for Summer Camp

The following pertains to in-person camp participants. As we continue to return to normal, we must still be mindful of best practices for in-person instruction to ensure the health and safety of all participants and staff. The following protocols may be established in line with up-to-date data reports and recommendations from Public Health Madison & Dane County.


N95 masks or variations (KN95, KF94, FFP2, etc.) may be required inside the building by all individuals. Masks must fit snugly over the nose and mouth and under the chin leaving no gaps around the sides.

Snacks, Breaks, and Water

Participants may be asked to only eat while outside. Snacks can be consumed during our mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.

Participants are encouraged to bring a water bottle. Water dispensers are available to fill water bottles (drinking fountains may not available for use).

Social Distancing

A 3-foot distance may be required both inside and outside.

Other Guidelines for In-person Participants

What to bring?

Water Bottle: water dispensers are available. Access to drinking fountains may be restricted.

Snacks: There will be at least one 15-minute outdoor break during each 3-hour session. Participants are invited to bring a snack for break. Snacks can only be consumed outside.

Bug Spray: As weather and curriculum permit, students may have class outside, or may explore grasslands and woodlands where mosquitos and ticks may be present. EAGLE staff will follow the preferences you indicate on the health form (that you will submit when registering) with regard to applying insect repellent provided by you or EAGLE.

Sunscreen: EAGLE does not provide sunscreen. Please send sunscreen with the participant if you feel that is necessary.

Anything else? Teachers may send a message to participants/families asking them to bring other materials.

What to wear?

Participants should dress appropriately for both indoor and outdoor activities. Phys Ed participants should be especially prepared for outdoor physical activities.

EAGLE Clothing Guidelines stipulate that clothing may not advertise or advocate the use of firearms, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other controlled substances. Clothing may not use obscenities or depict hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or any other protected group.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Participants can arrive up to 15 minutes before the start of their first session (8:15am or 12:00pm).

We ask that participants be picked up no later than 15 minutes after they are done for the day (either at 11:45am or 3:30pm).

Please only use the Main Entrance (east side of building, closest to Gunflint Park).


Participants enrolled in both a morning and an afternoon session should bring a lunch. Lunch time will be supervised and take place either inside or outside, depending on weather. When students are finished with lunch, they may play on the playground outside (weather permitting). Milk will not be offered (as it is during the regular school year).


Registration is now closed. For all questions about registrations, please contact Summer Camp Coordinator, Andrew Irving, monsieur@eagleshool.org.

Register and pay online

  1. Learn about our programs below.
  2. “Click to add” selected program(s) then check out using “Your Shopping Cart” which will appear at the top of this page.
  3. After the payment process is complete, you will be directed back to our EAGLE School site> There you will see a link to a form allowing you to provide registration and health information. If you do not see that link, you can click here for that form.

Register and pay by check

  1. Learn about our programs below.
  2. Use this form to provide registration and health information.
  3. Send or deliver your check to EAGLE School, 5454 Gunflint Trail Madison, WI 53711. Our main office is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 4:00 (school is closed March 18, 28-31, and April 1).

Chemistry Kids

June 13-17, 8:30-11:30
open to students entering 1st through 3rd grades.

Do you love solving mysteries, finding patterns, or making food? The science of chemistry explores how substances behave, both on their own and when combined with other substances. We will explore chemistry through chromatography, using indicators, making solutions, and carrying out reactions. Questions we will answer may include: is there really iron in Total cereal? What is the best method for cleaning an oil spill? Join us to zoom in and find out how things work at the atomic scale! The Chemistry Kids program led by EAGLE science teacher, Sarah Wright.


In-person session: June 13-17, 8:30-11:30
Virtual session: June 20-24, 9:00-12:00
open to students entering 2nd through 9th grades next fall

In-person session: June 13-17

Virtual session: June 20-24

Review chess rules and dive into the strategy and tactics of the game. Participants will examine different opening set ups, typical middle-game plans, topical tactical motifs, and endgame principles. Students will be involved in tournament playing and puzzle solving as well in interactive discussions. The Chess program is led by professional chess instructor and EAGLE Chess Club advisor Alex Betaneli.

Dungeons & Dragons

June 13-17, 12:15-3:15
open to students entering 4th through 7th grades next fall

Have you ever wanted to learn a role-playing game? Dungeons and Dragons is one of the oldest and most distinguished RPGs in the world. Learn character-building, game rules, how to play, and more. Discover the fun of defeating imaginary monsters and dragons with a group of friends, and get a good foundation for learning other role-playing games or eventually running your own D&D game! This camp is designed for new players or those with some experience. The Dungeons & Dragons program is led by D&D expert, Claire Titelbaum (EAGLE School graduate) and her father, Mike Titelbaum, Chair of the Dept. of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin – Madison.

French Fables

June 13-17, 12:15-3:15
open to students entering 3rd through 5th grades next fall

Using these classic tales — told in poetry & prose, through the eyes of animals, insects, plants, and even sometimes humans — French camp participants will explore the fables in written and video formats. Adding to the fun, they will perform a few of the fables and finally write one of their own to capture a more modern approach to the lessons a fable can offer. The French Fables program is led by EAGLE French teacher, Andrew Irving.

This program is designed for learners with at least a novice level of French (students who are perhaps not ready to communicate in the language but who can recognize words and short phrases both orally and written). If you are unsure of the student’s level, please contact the instructor.

Kindergarten Here We Come

June 20-24, 8:30-11:30
open to incoming EAGLE Nesters

Incoming EAGLE Nest (kindergarten) students will be able to meet classmates and begin learning the many skills they will need to feel successful in the classroom, including cooperation, playing and sharing with peers, taking direction, and staying on task. Along the way, they will have fun singing songs, playing games, learning numbers and letters, and playing together on the in the classroom and on the playground. The Kindergarten program is led by EAGLE Nest teachers Jim Narlock and Jane Kufel. Please note: Letters of recommendation are not required for incoming EAGLE kindergarten students.

Nature & Art

June 13-17, 8:30-11:30
open to students entering 3rd through 5th grades next fall

Using the beautiful landscape around EAGLE school as inspiration, participants will create original art and poetry by reflecting on their own observations and experiences of the natural world. Activities include painting in plein air, nature journaling, clay work with impressions of natural materials, digital photography, and maybe even embroidery work… all with the focus of increasing eco-awareness in our community. This program is led by EAGLE School Language Arts, Social Studies & Drama teacher, Janice Lacock.

Phy Ed

June 13-17, 8:30-11:30 & 12:15-3:15

Morning session: 8:30-11:30
open to students entering 5th through 9th grades next fall

Afternoon session: 12:15-3:15
open to students entering 1st through 4th grades next fall

This summer, we will offer a variety of sports and physical education opportunities. These may vary depending on group size and ages of participants but will focus on developing physical, mental, and social wellbeing. This program is led by EAGLE Physical Education teachers, Luke Steel and Yann Biancat.

ScArt (Science & Art)

June 13-17, 12:15-3:15
open to students entering 4th through 6th grades next fall

The title of this session is inspired by some EAGLE students who love both Science and Art! ScART invites you to use your powers of observation to better understand nature. We will learn more about plant anatomy and explore botanical illustration! We will observe wildlife and learn techniques for sketching animals! We will enjoy ourselves outside in EAGLE’s beautiful schoolyard, and create works of art along the way. It’s Science, it’s Art…it’s ScART! This program is led by EAGLE School science teacher, Sarah Wright.

Speech & Debate

June 13-17, 12:15-3:15
open to students entering 6th through 9th grades next fall

Does pineapple belong on pizza? Should all museums be free for everyone? Should homework be banned? Should the voting age be lowered? Or raised? While addressing questions like these, participants will develop their reasoning and communication skills through the world of speech and debate. Along the way, they will explore and develop a variety of tools — such as logical reasoning, organizing arguments, oral communication, listening, and note-taking — through fun activities and formal debates. This program is led by EAGLE history teacher and Speech & Debate coach, Maggie Flamingo.