EAGLE School sign and students.

EAGLE School is an independent, kindergarten through eighth grade school dedicated to serving gifted and talented students.

We focus on providing a challenging academic curriculum along with supportive social-emotional guidance. All classes have 15 students or less, and our beautiful, modern campus is in a natural setting adjacent to parks, trails, woods, and wetlands.

In addition to encouraging the utmost development of each child’s academic and creative potential, the school’s program stresses the importance of a positive self-image and the value of one’s own and others’ unique abilities. The school fosters an environment in which students learn to absorb the basics of human knowledge as tools for dealing with the present and future, to see problems, ask questions and deal with uncertainty, to experiment with many methods of problem solving, research, and creative expression, and to think and learn independently.

Why EAGLE?Who needs EAGLE?History of EAGLE

Soar like an EAGLE! Throughout history, the eagle has symbolized strength, stamina, courage, freedom, and self-discovery. How fitting that a school that honors students for their remarkable independence and their need to soar without restraint should be called EAGLE!

The name EAGLE is also our acronym for the essential components of a fully developed education program for gifted and talented young people. Choose a tab below to discover more about EAGLE.”EAGLE” is our acronym for the essential components of a fully developed education program for gifted and talented young people. When we think of an eagle, we think of strength, stamina, courage, freedom, and self-discovery.

At EAGLE School we also think of…

E – Exemplary Curriculum: The EAGLE curriculum stresses the inter-relatedness of all knowledge, the value of inquiry, and the importance of critical thinking. Academic rigor is balanced with creativity, and the striving for excellence with an emphasis on the process of learning.

A – Accelerated Content: Students are allowed to accelerate through subjects without unnecessary repetition or drill. This enables them to explore those subjects at a deeper level, to research new areas of interest, or to cultivate other skills and talents.

G – Guidance and Counseling: Gifted students have unique intellectual, social, and emotional needs during various stages of their development. Counselors are on staff to assist student growth across several domains, supporting their desire for academic achievement, social interaction, emotional understanding, and effective communication.

L – Latitude in Teaching Strategies, Learning Styles, and Environment: EAGLE teachers have the ability to thoughtfully and creatively address individual differences and adapt teaching strategies to nurture each child’s unique learning style. EAGLE School’s open environment and small class size allow maximum flexibility. Students have gradually increasing opportunities to plan, implement, and evaluate their own learning, thus enhancing their skill and motivation to become independent learners.
Enrichment as an Integral Element

E – Enrichment as an integral Element: Throughout the school day, EAGLE students are regularly offered opportunities to perform, create, explore, compete, discuss, invent, collaborate, investigate, and celebrate. Enrichment is also available in the form of special in-class and extra-curricular activities, including but not limited to:

  • Athletic teams (including volleyball & basketball)
  • Musical ensembles & performances (band, strings, voice, musicals)
  • Drama, Speech, and Debate
  • Science Olympiad
  • Math Olympiad / MATHCOUNTS
  • Robotics
  • Special interest clubs
  • TGIF – Friday afternoon programs and assemblies

The National Association for Gifted Children offers a great deal of insight into the many considerations at stake regarding the education and social nurturing of gifted, talented, and advanced students. In addition to guidance for our educators and administration, they provide a number of resources for families found in their Knowledge Center.

The Gifted Learner…

  • is unusually curious and needs a very stimulating environment and time to explore it.
  • learns very quickly and needs exposure to ideas at a rate appropriate to their own pace.
  • has intense interests and needs more resources and flexibility than most classrooms allow.
  • masters facts readily and needs to move on to application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • is highly creative and needs acceptance and outlets for their energies.
  • is often hiding their ability and needs encouragement from peers who can communicate and understand.
EAGLE singers

From meager beginnings in a single classroom to our current operations in a large, modern facility, EAGLE school continues to grow and serve the needs of our community. Our current staff includes a director, a finance assistant, a student services coordinator, an admissions coordinator, a volunteer/Study Club coordinator, two guidance counselors, a librarian, a receptionist, more than 30 teachers, and several parent aides.

1982: Hoyt School
The start of something big!

EAGLE School began operation in the fall of 1982 with 12 children in one room of Hoyt School, sharing the space with MSCR (Madison Schools Community and Recreation).

By the next fall EAGLE had almost tripled the size of its student body.

A renovated Hoyt School is now home to Madison’s Central High School.

1986: Elver Park
Our own building.

In March of 1986 the school moved into the previous facility near Elver Park – its own building with nine classrooms, a library, and office space.

EAGLE continues to grow.

In 1990 a new wing doubled the building’s size and featured a gymnasium, kindergarten room, and music room. In 1992, a solarium was added to the art room, and in 1993 a major renovation enlarged the library and science lab and created three new classrooms and a teacher resource room.

EAGLE moves to Gunflint Trail

In the fall of 1998, EAGLE moved into its present location on Gunflint Trail in Fitchburg. The brand new facility included a full-sized gym, plenty of shared space in addition to our classrooms, a large playground, the Science Patio, and direct access to the Capital City Trail, the Cinque Terre Nature Conservancy, and large playing fields.

We still need more room!

In 2014, work was completed on an expansion to the building that added fifteen more classrooms, a greenhouse, two music rooms, and a large performing arts auditorium.

We’re just getting started!

EAGLE Celebrates 40 years!

About 160 Nest through 4/5 students and their teachers gathered on the field next to school to help us make a commemorative video marking EAGLE’s fortieth anniversary. Click here to watch.