EAGLE School is an independent, kindergarten through eighth grade school dedicated to serving gifted and talented students. We focus on providing a challenging academic curriculum along with supportive social-emotional guidance. All classes have 15 students or less, and our beautiful, modern campus is in a natural setting adjacent to parks, trails, woods, and wetlands.

In addition to encouraging the utmost development of each child’s academic and creative potential, the school’s program stresses the importance of a positive self-image and the value of one’s own and others’ unique abilities. The school fosters an environment in which students learn

  • to absorb the basics of human knowledge as tools for dealing with the present and future,
  • to see problems, ask questions and deal with uncertainty,
  • to experiment with many methods of problem solving, research, and creative expression,
  • to think and learn independently.

Soar like an EAGLE!

Throughout history, the eagle has symbolized strength, stamina, courage, freedom, and self-discovery. How fitting that a school that honors students for their remarkable independence and their need to soar without restraint should be called EAGLE!

The name EAGLE is also our acronym for the essential components of a fully developed education program for gifted and talented young people. Discover more here