EAGLE School recognizes that parent participation in educational decision making is not only a privilege and a right, it is a necessity for the optimal development of gifted children. Therefore, EAGLE School actively collaborates with those families who are willing to be partners in providing both academic and personal support for their children.

Students and grandparents read together at the Annual Grandparents’ Breakfast.

Parents are asked to donate the equivalent of one hour per month in direct service to the school, preferably related to the parent’s area of expertise or interest. A parent volunteer survey allows parents to choose from a long list of volunteer opportunities.

  • Classroom Volunteer
  • Unit Parent
  • Driver/chaperone for class field trips
  • Lunch or Recess Helper
  • Read-Aloud or Study Hall Parent
  • Early Bird Gym Supervisor
  • TGIF Club Leader
  • Classroom Speaker
  • Tutor
  • Library Helper
  • School Photographer
  • Closet, storage room, game cupboard Organizer
  • Landscaping & Grounds Committee
  • Building Maintenance
  • Science Mentor
  • Music Support Committee
  • Band Support Committee
  • String Parent Liaison

The survey also leaves space for parents to add ideas and interests of their own based on the talents or skills they might like to share with the EAGLE community.