EAGLE School accepts qualified students in kindergarten through eighth grade and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or national origin. Commitment to cultural and racial diversity, gender balance, and small class size are educational considerations that may affect a child’s admission to the school at any given time.

Application materials for the 2024-2025 School Year are available now.

To apply for the current year, please contact admissions directly.

EAGLE School Application 2024-2025.
Please download the form, fill it out and submit it as an attachment to admissions@eagleschool.org.

If you prefer a paper copy, please request a packet or visit the school’s main office.

Application Fee

The application fee for the 24-25 school year is $50. Please click here to pay the Application Fee.

To pay by check, please make payable to “EAGLE School Application Fee” and mail to the address below.

If the Application Fee presents a burden at this time, please click here for information about obtaining an Application Fee Waiver.

IQ Testing Requirements

Applications are not considered complete until a report documenting the results of an individually administered I.Q. test has been submitted.  The I.Q. report may be emailed to admissions@eagleschool.org, submitted by mail, or shared with us directly by the examiner.

Please click here for information about I.Q. testing.

If the I.Q. testing fee presents a burden at this time, please click here for information about obtaining an I.Q. Testing Fee waiver.

Current School Report Card

Applicants should submit a current school report card.

Students applying for the Nest (kindergarten) are not required to submit a report card; individual preschools will be contacted for information related to the applicant’s development and progress.

Applicant Visit

For grades 1-8, once an application is complete we typically invite the student to spend an entire day (8:25 to 3:10) at EAGLE. This allows the applicant to have an authentic EAGLE experience by participating in classes at the appropriate grade level.
During the visit day, each student is assessed in reading, writing, and math.

Kindergarten applicants are invited to participate in a one-hour, small group visit to our Nest. During this time, EAGLE kindergarten teachers informally assess readiness skills.

During the student visit (gr. 1-8), all teachers who observe the applicant will provide the Admissions Coordinator with written feedback, and two achievement tests (Reading Comprehension and Math Problem Solving) will be administered.

Financial Aid

Financial aid requests are coordinated by the school’s Financial Coordinator.

If you would like to apply for financial aid, please indicate your interest on the Parent/Guardian Questionnaire.

If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact Admissions Coordinator Katy Ruotti.