A complete EAGLE School application includes completion of the following 6 steps:


Click here to complete the EAGLE School application. Use the Save & Continue feature to come back to the application later.


Application will not be reviewed until the $50 application fee has been paid. To pay by check, please remit payment to EAGLE School, 5454 Gunflint Trail, Madison, WI 53711.

IQ Assessment

Applications are not considered complete until an IQ assessment report is submitted. Parents or practitioners may submit the report here or by emailing admissions@eagleschool.org directly.

Immunization Commitment

Complete the immunization commitment form.

Current School
Report Card

For applicants applying to grades 1-8, please upload a copy of the student’s most recent report card. Standardized test scores can also be uploaded here.


The next step in the application process is the student visit day. You will be contacted to schedule a visit day for your student.

Other Admissions Information

Application fee and IQ assessment fee waiver

If the I.Q. testing fee or application fee present a burden at this time, please click on this box for information about applying for an Application fee and IQ fee waiver.

For additional questions, please email jimlene@eagleschool.org.

Financial Aid

EAGLE School is committed to serving gifted children from all backgrounds. We strive to serve a socio-economically diverse student body and meet the needs of gifted children regardless of a family’s financial situation. Financial aid at EAGLE is need-based. Applying for financial aid does not affect one’s chances for admission at EAGLE School.