About EAGLE School

What is EAGLE School?

EAGLE School is an independent school operated by the non-profit corporation, EAGLE School of Madison, Inc. EAGLE School is dedicated to serving the educational needs of gifted and talented children in the greater Madison area.

In addition to encouraging the utmost development of each child’s academic and creative potential, the school’s program stresses the importance of a positive self-image and the value of one’s own and others’ unique abilities. The school fosters an environment in which students learn

  • to absorb the basics of human knowledge as tools for dealing with the present and future,
  • to see problems, ask questions and deal with uncertainty,
  • to experiment with many methods of problem solving, research and creative expression,
  • to think and learn independently.

Come soar like an EAGLE!

The name for EAGLE School was chosen because of its appropriate symbolism for an endangered species of children – for their awesome independence and their need to soar without restraint. It was fitting, too, that the school was founded in 1982, declared by Congress to be the Year of the Eagle. The name EAGLE is also our acronym for the essential components of a fully developed education program for gifted and talented young people.



Exemplary Curriculum

A much neglected factor in the achievement motivation of gifted children is the content of curriculum. At EAGLE School the subject content, texts, and materials are all selected because of their appeal and suitability for young gifted learners. This curriculum stresses the interrelatedness of all knowledge and the importance of a questioning attitude. Academic rigor is balanced with creativity, and the striving for excellence with an emphasis on the process of learning.

Accelerated Content

Students are allowed to move as quickly as they can through basic subjects without unnecessary repetition or drill. They then have time to pursue those subjects at a more complex level, to explore new areas, or to develop other skills and talents. For most very able youngsters, acceleration of content is essential for maintaining interest in school and motivation to learn.

Guidance and Counseling

Gifted and talented students have unique needs for guidance that few schools meet. These children understand intellectually ideas they cannot accept emotionally. They need help coping with their uniqueness. They may need to improve social and communication skills in an accepting atmosphere . A guidance coordinator is on staff to work with students individually and in groups with their parents.



Latitude in Teaching Strategies, Learning Styles, and Environment

Young gifted children often have a very active learning style. The successful teacher accepts each unique learning style and adapts teaching strategies to nurture it. EAGLE School’s open environment and small class size allow maximum flexibility. Students have gradually increasing opportunities to plan, implement, and evaluate their own learning, thus enhancing their skill and motivation to become independent learners.

Enrichment as an Integral Element

In addition to acquiring the basic skills required for living in a democratic and technological society, EAGLE School students have the opportunity to choose among many activities that grow out of their interests and talents. Examples of these are:

  • courses in foreign languages and keyboarding
  • small group participation in book discussions
  • competition on a current events or math problem-solving team
  • time for self-expression through art, music, dance, and drama
  • in-depth investigation of a computer or science problem
  • pursuit of a hobby or sport
  • time to write, invent, create or pretend.