Dane County Haiku Contest Winners

The 2022 Greater Dane County Advanced Learning Network haiku contest winner recognition ceremony was hosted at EAGLE School May 26th. Over 3000 haiku were submitted by 4th graders in the region, on subjects varying from aliens to seasons, and the 46 best haiku were presented by the authors.  Please take a moment to enjoy the eight EAGLE haiku winners below. If you’d like more, you can read all of the winning haiku here.

Pictured above are six of the eight EAGLE haiku presenters: Aariz, Lydia, Benny, Zoe, Eliana, Philo (not pictured Ryan & Lucas). (Photo credit: Katy Ruotti)

Spring Peas 

Spring grows fresh green peas
Bunnies hop past red tulips
My boots soaked in mud 

Lucas Kleven

Oh The Wind 

Just one gust of wind
Blowing the leaves of the trees 
I see November. 

Aariz Ahmed

Grandpa and Winter 

Winter is never
the same without grandpa here
I wish he’d come home

Lydia Benish


You don’t know it’s there.
Glistening in the sunlight.
Silent, as a drop.

Zoe Feyrer


Dust that clouds the sky
Rumbling a deadly fate
Tears through the desert

Philo White

Stormy Weather

Breeze into a hurricane,
The deafening boom.

Benjamin Greenberg

The Night

Moonlight on the pond
Curious fish below peeks.
What is this new light?

Ryan Huang


The tides calmly rise
Only to fall back again
Just like confidence

Eliana Ruotti