After a two-year hiatus, our 8th graders made their way again to Washington D.C. for a week of workshops, tours, and visits with special guests like Wisconsin’s U.S. State Senator Tammy Baldwin.

The workshops allow our students to witness democracy in action as well as experience the rich social, political, and cultural history of our country all in one place. include visits to places such as the Supreme Court, the Smithsonian, Arlington National Cemetery, and other memorials, museums, and government buildings.

EAGLE 8th graders meet with Wisconsin’s U.S. State Senator Tammy Baldwin (center, front) ~photo credit Heather Dampf

Spending this week together is often the highlight of our 7/8 students’ year. When they return to Madison, they will share just a few more weeks with one another before heading off for the summer and into their new high schools in the fall.

We are happy to have this experience back on our EAGLE calendar and grateful for the guidance of our staff chaperones Jenn Sauer, Maggie Flamingo, and Heather Dampf, and parent chaperones Kevin Bina and Eric Warbasse.

Pictured left with Senator Tammy Baldwin, and below at the Holocaust Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, near the White House, and Mount Vernon.