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Here’s a book list to help fill the Summer with great literature for children and young adults. The lists use the EAGLE School library’s K-8 labels as a guide to book selection; it’s up to each family to self-select the “good-fit book” level. The lists favor titles published recently (and mostly exclude titles used in LA/SS as whole-class reads or book clubs).

Click on a “good-fit book” level to view one of five book lists.

Read more below for information about:

  • choosing a “Good-Fit Book”
  • finding read-alike books of a particular title or author
  • sending feedback to the librarian about the book lists

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Choosing a “Good-Fit Book” is like choosing a pair of shoes. A book should be a “good fit” for the reader — not too big difficult and not too small easy. A “good-fit book” matches the reader in vocabulary and writing mechanics, as well as in comprehension of social-emotional content, etc., Because EAGLE serves readers from Nest through 8th grade, the school library’s labels guide the selection of books. Language Arts teachers and the librarian explain to students how to evaluate a book. They recommend “test driving” the first several paragraphs or pages. If a book doesn’t “feel” good to read for one reason or another, it’s okay to choose a different book. When the book matches the student’s comprehension and emotional levels, however, sometimes it takes sticking with more chapters to actually hook the reader’s interest.

Find read-alikes by title or author in the NoveList or NoveList K-8 databases available at Badgerlink.

Send feedback about the book list to ellen@eagleschool.org.