Who Needs EAGLE?


Junior 3/4 Spanish students perform an Aztec dance.

The child who is unusually curious . . .

and needs a very stimulating environment and time to explore it.

The child who learns very quickly . . .

and needs exposure to ideas at a rate appropriate to her own pace.

The child who has intense interests . . .

and needs more resources and flexibility than most classrooms allow.

The child who masters facts readily . . .

and needs to move on to application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

The child who is highly creative . . .

and needs acceptance and outlets for his energies.

The child who is hiding her ability . . .

and needs encouragement from peers who can communicate and understand.

Intermediates participate in an Ellis Island simulation

Intermediates participate in an Ellis Island simulation.

Why a special school for gifted and talented children?

Contrary to popular belief, the gifted do not naturally thrive without assistance. Like all other children, they must have educational experience at an appropriate level for them. Gifted children in regular education are vulnerable to pressure from peers or even from teachers to hide their abilities. Under achievement can become a comfortable pattern of escape.

A truly appropriate educational program for gifted and talented children occurs only as a result of purposeful planning, a dedicated and intelligent staff; and a commitment to the needs of gifted children and their families. EAGLE School has accepted the challenge of providing such a program in Madison.


EAGLE students participate in a performance of Opera for the Young.