A board of directors, comprised of up to twelve parents, governs the EPO. Each board member acts as a liaison between the EPO board and one or several of the EPO committee heads. The committees do the majority of the work; the board members mainly serve as catalysts and links to the board. The EPO board holds an election in May of each school year to select some of the board members who will begin serving two-year terms the following school year, with the remaining board positions coming up for election the year after that. This rotating election process ensures that there are always some seasoned board members available to assist the rookies.

The board elects officers — a president (or co-presidents), vice president (or not, if there are co-presidents), treasurer, and secretary — from among its ranks. They serve for one year in those roles and retain voting rights as board members while serving as officers.

EPO Officers, 2020-2021:

Board Members at Large, 2020-2021:

  • Kim Grafenauer
  • Jennifer Hassrick
  • Erin Jonaitis
  • Jessica Knutson
  • Lucy Lorentz
  • Molly Moran
  • Morgan Talkington
  • Leela Vaughn
  • Kelly Wolfson


The EPO board holds monthly meetings, the details of which are announced in advance in the Aerie-Gram, our school’s weekly newsletter. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. The board usually meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. in the school Commons; however, days, times, and venues of the meetings may vary in order to allow all interested parents to make it to at least some of the meetings.