Tilly Niemann (7th grade) and her sister Sophie Niemann (2022 graduate) are EAGLE student athletes in the sport of sailing. They have been racing as individuals in one person boats and together as a team, “SisterPower,” in two person boats since Tilly was a Nester (kindergartner). They sail in multiple classes of boats and even started racing iceboats.

Representing the Lake Geneva Yacht Club, Tilly and Sophie have won regattas in the Midwest and they have even had some podium finishes representing Team USA in Europe. Their latest endeavors found them racing high speed catamarans together at the US Open where they placed second. And at the 2023 World Championships, held in the US at Lauderdale Yacht Club in Florida, they placed fifth overall and first in the Under 16 age group.

Despite the challenges of balancing school work with sailing commitments, Tilly and Sophie have shown remarkable dedication and commitment to combine their passion for learning with their passion for sailing. The EAGLE community applauds their successes on the open sea, especially given their young age in comparison to their competitors.

Click here for more information about the World Championship results.

Sophie (left) and Tilly (right) take a moment for a quick photo at the 2023 World Championships..