EAGLE 6/7 student, Dinghan Guo, was selected as the winner of the City of Fitchburg’s Street Sweeper art contest.

What does that mean? And how did EAGLE students get involved? Dinghan’s art teacher, Sharon Irving, explains:

“All of the 6/7 students were required to create a design for the contest so we could consider practical applications of visual art in the real world. Submitting their work to the official contest was optional. The challenge was to communicate a message promoting clean waterways in our local area while creating a visually appealing and practical design for a truck. Street sweepers help to reduce pollution from urban runoff by cleaning the streets and preventing some pollution from directly entering into our storm drains which flow directly into our local streams and lakes. It’s an important idea to consider in our local community.”

To announce the winner, the city of Fitchburg provided a mock-up for how the street sweeper would look with Dinghan’s artwork. You can slide left and right below to get a full picture of Dinghan’s proposal and the final product.

Dinghan Guo ’22

Sharon is especially proud of how her student made it to this point in her art career. “Dinghan is a hardworking student and is really thoughtful and considerate with all of her work in class. In the past few months, she has been creating artwork in a digital drawing format, including the artwork for this contest as well. I am especially pleased to see her recognized for an art medium she is learning about and practicing on her own. Wow! I am so proud of her positive attitude and willingness to explore new challenges!”

When the sweeper makes its way to the Fitchburg streets in a few months, be sure to watch for Dingan’s artwork as it reminds us of the importance of keeping our waterways clean.