Frog & Toad Plays
If you look closely, you’ll see Grant as he wraps up the Frog & Toad plays and his teacher, Ann Larson, peeking over the set with a few last words of encouragement.

Did you catch the Frog & Toad plays at EAGLE this past December 11th?  How could you miss it? Now in their 19th year, the Frog & Toad Plays are more than what their title suggests. There’s singing, then the plays, then poems, all of it wrapped up into one exciting production headed by director and Primary teacher Ann Larson.

“They never grow old for me,” Ann explains. “Frog & Toad Plays are always fresh and new thanks to what the students bring to their roles each year. The plays are a wonderful benchmark for the Primary students and each year the participants look forward to having parts in a real play for the first time.

Grant was especially pleased with his performance in the poem section. In fact, he had the honor of wrapping up the entire production. When asked what he likes most about the experience, he explained “I literally LOVE rhyming!” His poem, last but not least, was one of two paying homage to the caeclilan, a limbless amphibian that may look like a snake but is more closely related to frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.


I am a Caecilian.
I’m like a Chameleon.
I have sticky skin,
But you can’t see my grin.
I eat lots of bugs.
Others don’t like my hugs.