EAGLE Summer Programs 2020

EAGLE School is excited to announce a new summer program for 2020. This 2-week offering in 2020 is designed to grow, in the years that follow, into a to a robust 4- to 6-week program for EAGLE students as well as for other qualified students in the Madison area.

In designing the program, we gave ourselves a curriculum challenge:  offer learning and growth opportunities normally not fully implemented during the academic year. So far, we are on the right track but still seeking proposals from our EAGLE staff as well as from Madison area teachers.

With still plenty of details to work out, we have nailed down a framework that we think will appeal to a variety of participants.

Session dates:  Week 1: June 15-19, Week 2: June 22-26.  Students can register for one or two weeks

Daily schedule:  4 1.5-hour sessions — from 8:45am until 4:00pm — that can be combined as needed. Students can sign up for one or all four each week, depending on their preferences and, of course, scheduling concerns for parents. There is a 15-minute break in the morning and another in the afternoon, as well as a prepared lunch option ($5) at noon.

Physical activity:  The EAGLE Summer Program will offer students a physical education option during each of the four periods. Themes will focus on games and challenges unlike those they would normally find in a typical school gym class.

Before/After School Supervision & Transportation ? Through the sign-up process, we will assess the needs for before/after school supervision as well as as transportation.

How can I register? Online registration is scheduled to open February 1.

Cost:  (prices are tentative but should not vary much from this

$75/week: ONE 1.5-hour period
$130/week: TWO 1.5-hour periods
$190/week: THREE 1.5 hour periods
$240/week: FOUR 1.5 hour periods

$25/week: optional LUNCH (no nuts, gluten-free and vegetarian options available)

If there is a gap in the participant’s schedule (e.g., they register for the first morning period then one after lunch), parents/guardians will have the option of either supervising the participant during that gap, or registering them for another period to fill the gap (such as physical education).

Financial aid: Applicants in need of financial aid will be invited to apply.

Volunteers:  Volunteer opportunities are available in food service, drop-off and pick-up management, and classroom management. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the Summer Program director, Andrew Irving, monsieur@eagleschool.org.

We hope to have much more information published here soon!  Please check back.