EAGLE Spirit Order System

This program, run by EAGLE’s 8th grade families, offers students a weekly hot lunch (optional) and ice cream treats on Thursdays, while raising money to send the 8th graders to Washington D.C. for Washington Workshops.

Lunches are provided by Culver’s, Rocky Rococo, Noodles & Co. and Quiznos. Beverages are provided by Smoothie King and Dairy Queen.

All lunch orders are placed through the EAGLE Spirit Online Ordering System. This system allows you to select your student’s lunch orders as well as monitor your orders and payments.

To sign in, visit: EAGLE Spirit Order System.

Ordering instructions:

All accounts require new passwords; last year’s passwords will not work.

  • Click on the link above to access the EAGLE Spirit Order System.
  • To log in to the EAGLE Spirit Order System for the FIRST TIME this year:
    1. Type your student’s name into the “User Name” field – first name followed by full last name. Uppercase letters  must be used at the beginning of each name and there must be a space between names (i.e., Sophie Barabas). Use your child’s full name as it is recorded in EAGLE School’s records (no nicknames). Families with more than one child at EAGLE will have to log in separately for each child.
    2. Type the password (found in your EAGLE Family Directory) in the “Password” field (all lowercase letters). Click on the “Change Password” button.
    3. Two “New Password” fields will appear. Enter a new password of your choice into the two “New Password” fields. Your new password must be at least 8 characters long and must include at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one lowercase letter. Click on the “Change Password” button.
    4. Now you are ready to begin ordering. Please read the “Hints” section.
    5. Remember to write down your student’s password.
  • You have the option of ordering by the month or semester, the choice is yours. Check the Aerie-Gram or the EAGLE Spirit Order System for the monthly lunch order deadlines.
  • Families with more than one student at EAGLE must order and pay separately for each student.
  • After submitting your hot lunch orders, please write the payment number that appears on-screen on your check and put your check in the lunch order basket in the EAGLE RECEPTION OFFICE. Make your check payable to EAGLE School.

Submit payment by check for your student’s hot lunch by the deadline. An order is considered complete only when payment has been received. No late orders will be accepted.

Lunch slips will be placed in students’ lockers on the day of the hot lunch. Each student should bring this form to the lunchroom to pick up his/her food. If a student encounters a problem with the order, s/he should ask a lunchroom aide for help.

If you forget to order, extra snack and dessert items are available for purchase at a cost of $1.00 cash per item. Although we do order a few extra hot lunch items to sell on the day of the lunch, there is no guarantee that there will be extras for students who forget to order.

For questions contact Nancy Barabas (nancy.barabas@outlook.com or 278-8139).