After-School Clubs


After-School Art
EAGLE art teachers offer after-school classes. Canvas Painting, Clay Club, and Origami workshops have been especially popular. Teacher availability and student interest determine how many art clubs will be offered each year.

More information about Art at EAGLE can be found here:

Chess Club
Participants (Primary and older) will learn about chess through tactics sheets and playing games against other EAGLE students. Younger students (Primaries and Upper Primaries) should have prior exposure to the game and be genuinely interested. See sign-up sheet for details.

Chess Club Registration – Winter 2018

Origami Club
This after-school club meets at various times throughout the year.  We are currently offering a five-week session for 3/4s through 7/8s with all levels of origami artists welcome!  This session will focus on oversized modular origami and flowers.  See sign-up sheet for details.

Origami Club Registration – Spring 2018

Inside Out
This program teaches students to center themselves and be present in the moment. Each hour includes kid-friendly yoga, puzzles, doodling, reading, as well as a discussion of the students’ reactions to thoughts and feelings. See registration form for more information.

Inside Out – Winter 2018

Garden Growers Club
Interested students in Intermediate – 5/6 will have the opportunity to learn about science and nature through gardening. Garden Growers Club will be offered from 3:25 to 5:00 PM on six Wednesdays throughout the spring. See registration form for more details.

Garden Growers Club – Spring 2018

Wednesday Walkabout Club
This after-school club, which is open to 3/4s through 7/8s, will offer participants an opportunity to explore and experience many forms of nature from many different perspectives. See registration form for more details.

Wednesday Walkabout – Spring 2018