Box Tops Contest Update

We have a new leader! The 4/5Bs have taken the lead with 2617, with the Upper Primary’s in second with 1683.  The Intermediates (3rd – 1303) have also taken a slight edge over the Nest (4th – 1276) All four homerooms have earned a party.  The 4/5 A homeroom is next up with 751 (only 249 to go for a party).  The new Box Tops grand total through February 17th is 9920 ($992).  We have officially surpassed all previous years for a new record!  WAY TO GO!!  Our goal for this year is to raise $1500 for playground equipment.  Click on the link below for all homeroom totals, and keep bringing in those Box Tops!  The contest ends on February 27th.

Box Tops Totals – Feb. 17