FAQs About Expansion/Fundraising

 What is the size of the current building, and how big will the addition be?

 Our current school is 26,910 square feet, and we are hoping to add another 20,000 square feet.

 What will the addition include?

 We will add seven general classrooms, a science lab and outdoor science space, two computer labs, a research center, an art room, a music room, a band room, a multi-purpose space, and a beautiful performing arts center.

 When will you break ground?

We would like to begin building this summer (2013) and move in to the new space in the summer of 2014.

 What will the project cost and how much have you raised so far?

 Amount to begin the project: $500,000

Amount raised to date: $430,272

Entire cost: $4,000,000

 Value of an EAGLE education: Priceless!